Start New Service

Please note that your new service cannot transfer from a builder until we receive a completed CSI (Inspection).   If the builder has closed their account, you will need to request it from them.  Your service cannot be started without it.  Online applications expire after 90 days if CSI not received.     

 When a CSI is required:                   

* New Construction

*  After any material improvement, correction, or addition to a structures plumbing       

* When the water purveyor has reason to believe that cross-connections or other contamination hazards exist.

* Existing connections - unless plumbing improvements or expansion have been made   

* Existing site-built homes connecting to a new service line.       

* Residential lawn irrigation systems installed by a licensed irrigator or licensed plumber.

Services may take 1-2 business days to be initiated, after your request has been processed.